Get your Plan on with Frame On

Life feels busy and life is full but we've got some tools to help you:

- Plan your meals 
- Plan your time 
- Plan your children's time

Frame On Planners and Charts are ready to go so that you can prioritise and visualise what you need to do, freeing up time for what you want to do. 

Display with Frame On

Our Magnetic Frames are a pocket style design which allows you to insert what you want to see, and keep it displayed on the fridge. 

Available in 2 sizes: Small and A4 

Our Small Magnetic Frames are a perfect fit for inspirational quotes, motivational messages, business cards or school photographs. These serve as an original client gift when used to display a customised insert. 

Our A4 Magnetic Frames  are perfect to pair with our organisational charts and planners as well as any other insert that is A4 size or smaller. The dry erase surface means that you can re-use rather than re-print your insert.

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The evening checklist and frame is a huge hit in our house. Our four year old is being helpful in the evening (cos she has to tick off tidy toys away and offer a helping hand!). She even packed up toys the other day that she didn't get out because she wanted to be helpful. Who knew such a simple thing could be so useful.


We love our Frame On magnetic frames! They are a great quality, a lot more sturdy than I expected. I originally brought them for the grandparents but think I’ll need to buy extra for us to have here at home too. Thanks so much. Would definitely recommend to friends.


Thank goodness for Frame On! I’ve literally searched high and low for little photo frames ever since my eldest started kindy five years ago but could never find anything. Now with three daughters and three sets of photos, I have the Grandparents and Godparents all sorted for Christmas.