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Magnetic Frames


Our Magnetic Frames let you take control. Fully customisable to display what is important to you, with the flexibility of changing your display as often as you like. 

Durable, re-usable, and long lasting, our Magnetic Frames can be used again and again. Outer dimension 11.7cm/, display window 9cm/6.4cm. 

  • Strong and flexible magnetic backing securely holds frame to refrigerator or any metal surface - no more flyaway papers!

  • Soft backing will not scratch magnetic surface. 

  • Snug fit of insert allows either vertical or horizontal use.

  • Transparent cover can be used as a write and wipe surface - perfect for kids doodles or as a shopping list or note pad. 

  • Open at one end allowing easy insertion and removal of display item

  • Light, unbreakable and easily portable so will fit easily into a purse, glove box or school bag, or into an envelope for easy postage.

  • Fantastic alternative to lamination

No magnetic surface? No problem! All of our magnetic frames now come with 2 Scotch removable mounting squares which means that you can display your frame any place, anywhere.

Available in Blue, Green, Magenta, Orange and Black. Can't choose a colour? Select our pack of 5 and get them all! 

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For possible applications check out School/Kindy frames, Learning Tool Frames, Business Card Frames, Ultrasound Frames


How to use

Simply size your insert of choice to 6.4 x 9cm or smaller and slide into the pocket behind the transparent cover. 




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