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About us

Welcome to Frame On! I'm Moana, mother to two cheeky boys and their adored little sister. I thrive on hugs, fresh air, deep breaths, and time with my tribe.
I <3 school photos and still get so much pleasure from looking at mine from several decades (!) ago! Even though they are not always the best photographs, they give such a wonderful visual story about growing up and as they capture a moment in time, they are the perfect keepsake for years to come. Gapped teeth, terrible hair do's, and odd fashion choices will all part of your child's story 20 years from now so I encourage you all to embrace your child's school photo, regardless of whether or not it is the perfect shot, and treasure it for the memory that it is. 
Frame On frames give you a way to easily preserve, protect and display your child's photograph. Swap out each year, or display year after year to show how much they have grown! Watching our kiddies grow up is one of the biggest pleasures in life. Join Frame On in celebrating our children
Welcome to Frame On and ENJOY!