Sizing Guide


Small Magnetic Frames 

Inner window = 9 x 6.4 cm (3.5" x 4.5")*
Outer dimensions = 11.7cm x (4.6" x 3.5")
Weight = 29 grams

Our Small Magnetic Photo Frames are a fantastic option for framing passport photos, wallet sized photographs and school photographs and are a perfect fit for "small" Photolife Studio photos. 

If your photograph or insert is smaller than the frame dimensions, the black backing of the frames will give the photo a framed appearance. The snug design of the frames means that even a smaller photo or other insert will stay in place when displayed. 

Small green magnetic frame for school or passport photographsSmall orange magnetic frame for school or passport photograph


If your photograph is slightly bigger than the frame dimensions, depending on the layout of the photography there might be enough space around the photograph for it to be trimmed to fit without losing detail. 

If your photo is much bigger than the frames, or if you have a standard sized photo that you would love to have displayed, then you can consider scanning the photo, resizing and reprinting the photo. Printing on normal paper is absolutely fine, once in the frames they look just like a normal photo. 

Please don't forget that any photo that is saved to a device can be inserted as a picture into a word (or similar) document, re-sized and printed out as above. While professionally printing the photos to a specific size is always an option, it is just not necessary here so save yourself a buck or two with this DIY solution. We are no longer limited to standard sized photographs!

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A4 Magnetic Frames 


                   Meal planner in A4 Magnetic Frame On frame

Inner window = 21 x 30cm (8.3" x 11.8")*
Outer dimensions = 25cm x 34 cm (9.8" x 13.4")
Weight = 202 grams
*Please note that the space behind the inner window is slightly larger to allow for insertion
Designed to display any A4 document or smaller. Click here to shop for A4 Magnetic Frames