Magnetic Frames to help you sort, organise and display

Learning Tool Frames
Learning Tool Frames

Learning Tool Frames

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Bring focus and clarity to a current learning topic by having it framed and on display. 

Tap into the huge selection of free resources on the internet to create learning tools at home, presenting them in a fun colourful way by displaying in a Frame On Magnetic Frame. Simply:

  1. Save free download
  2. Insert into an editable document like word
  3. Re-size to 6.4/9cm or smaller 
  4. Cut out and insert into Magnetic  Frame.

Eliminate the need for lamination by re-using Magnetic Frames again and again to display any current learning topic. Consider using for:

  • Vocab cards
  • Maths symbols
  • Picture words
  • Memory cards
  • Mnemonics
  • Acronyms
  • Study flash cards
  • Foreign language word cards
  • Quotes 


Use the write and wipe surface to create, check, erase and start again. Light and portable for your kids to have in their school bag or to take on holiday

No magnetic surface? No problem! All of our magnetic frames now come with 2 Scotch removable mounting squares which means that you can display your child's photo any place, anywhere.

* Please note, Magnetic Frames are supplied empty, ready to display any insert of your choice.